This blog features stories from the imaginary world of Fwynethwyr and beyond. In the language of the inhabitants, this name translates into ‘heaven and earth’. Fwynethwyr and it’s people are inspired by several different mythologies and the cultures that created them.  As a product of my imagination, Fwynethwyr is in always a work in progress.

I currently have two stories I am working on. Aside from storytelling, I also seek to develop the world and it’s people more in depth. I’d like to do all of this in story form, because every piece of background information has it’s own story or history. This is not exactly the most practical or time efficient way of describing the world, so I also plan to write about the different places, cultures, nations, religions, etc that exist in Fwynethwyr.

On everything I post here, commentary and feedback is appreciated, as long as it is constructive commentary.

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