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A new story

So that next episode of the ‘bratty voidmage adventures’ I mentioned over two years ago? Yeah, I finally got around to writing it. It’s called ‘The Desert Dream’ and while it takes place after Mask of Shadow, it should be stand alone enough that prior reading is not required.

As usual, this is probably not a final version and constructive criticism is always appreciated.

Character portraits

Character portraits

My good friend Illinia just released a painting of the three main characters of The Weaver’s Will.

After some delays…

I finally managed to put up all this stuff online. What’s new, then?

– The first seven chapters of Fate’s Forword have been reviewed and received minor, large or tiny edits. The most significant changes have happened in chapters 4 and 5.

– Two new chapters have been added to Fate’s Forword.

– The minor story ‘The Miller’s Ashes’ has been added. This story is part of Fate’s Foreword, and can be found within the updated chapters 1-5 in its entirety.

– A large amount of background information on the world that these stories take place in. This is almost entirely focused on the Kystan Peninsula, where Fate’s Foreword takes place.


Coming soon*:

– A map of Kyst. I have started on a rough draft.

– Chapter 10 of Fate’s Foreword.

– More information on the wider world of Fwynethwyr (possibly).

– The next episode of the ‘bratty voidmage adventures’ (Eventually)


*The definition of “soon” is largely undefined and also subject to the author’s whim.

Welcome to Fwynethwyr

This little corner of the internet is where I post everything related to my imaginary world Fwynethwyr. I am working on two stories that take place in this world, and occasionally beyond it.

The first one, ‘Mask of Shadow’ is finished, though feedback, suggestions for edits and even pointing out spelling/grammar errors are appreciated. This story is a fairly short one, and the first one in a series.

The second story, ‘Fate’s Forword’ is currently about halfway finished, I estimate. It is a longer one, but I plan to write a few sequels. Again, all forms of feedback are appreciated.

Most of all, I hope you’ll find my writings interesting. As such, any questions related to Fwynethwyr and the stories I’m writing are very welcome.