11. The fate of Terrálh

Fate, the counterpart of fortune, is often confused with destiny. But destiny, as I will elaborate in my next chapter, is a potential, a possibility. Fate, on the other hand, is inevitable, unavoidable, irreversible. When people hear a prophecy, they think of fate. But prophecy rarely speaks of the inevitable, unless it is self-fulfilling. Few outcomes are truly set in stone.

However, the fall of the kingdom of Terrálh was. When such incredible wealth has been accumulated, little can still be gained, only lost. Wealth and power breed decadence and corruption, and as they spread, the threads of destiny converged into a knot so convoluted that it could no longer be disentangled. The only escape was disintegration, ensuring that the fated fall would happen sooner or later. As for me? I simply gave Fate a helping hand.

> Chapter 11.1

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