3. Digging up the past

You are probably wondering what all of this has to do with my quest for godhood. It began much more humble, you see. Ambition grew alongside success, for once men taste the first drop of power, they thirst for more. Like so many others, I fell for the temptation. And I paid the price. Unlike many others though, the loss only bolstered my determination.

The past, my past and that of others, drives the choices made in the present. And when men seek guidance, history is always a willing councillor. In Kyst, history is kept by the bards and they are considered wise men. Through storytelling, they relate the past victories of brave heroes over wicked villains to the aspiring heroes of the present. The history of the bards is treacherous though, for who knows where fact ends and fiction begins?

>> Chapter 3.1

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