7. Rise and Fall

It should be obvious that if divinity is not as stable as the preachers claim it is, gods may emerge and disappear. This logically necessitates a supply of new gods to replace the fallen. Where do they come from? Have they been there all along, patiently waiting for their predecessor to fall? I doubt it. I think that every god comes from much more mundane beginnings. That, of course, brings up the real question: how does one become a god?

Based of what I have proposed thus far, it takes people. People who believe in your divinity, because they want to. In my studies of godhood, two characteristics stand out. The first is miracle-working, the second charisma. Alternatively, the miracles can be replaced by great heroism, as in the minds of people, they’re one and the same. Charisma still stands, though. All gods demand respect, whether that is expressed through admiration or fear. Preferably both.

>> Chapter 7.1


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